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27th November 2020


Portable Thermal Imagers or Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras are widely used for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of electrical, mechanical & process equipment. However, a lot of critical equipment requires continuous monitoring of the temperature on the equipment to give vital information about the equipment/ process.

FLIR offers a complete range of Online Thermal Imaging Cameras for use in the process of Industries. Agile Microsys Pvt Ltd. who is the authorized partner of FLIR has developed systems for many critical applications in the industry for online continuous monitoring.

We use FLIR thermal imaging cameras to gather temperature information and use a custom-built module to wirelessly transmit the collected data to a PC running a customized software for the application. The user can set alarms for high/ low temperatures which can be used to trigger an audio-visual alarm / SMS alert/ email alert/start-stop a system.

Agile offers flexible thermography software for every application field, stationary or mobile, thus satisfying the most specific of customer demands.

The Webinar aims at educating you on the common applications of online thermography in the industry. Agile has the capability to develop a customized system for any continuous temperature monitoring application that you may have.

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