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Performance Management and Accountability for Improved Productivity Course

22nd to 26th February 2021



Performance management is a normal process of management which involves all members of the organization as partners so as to get better results and improve service delivery. Performance management can play a number of important roles in an organization including helping an organization assure efficiency, effectiveness, and competence. This can be done on many levels, ranging from individual to organizational. It aims at attaining operational effectiveness in a number of practices that allow an organization to better utilize its resources. Performance management is gaining momentum in many public sector organizations which entails doing what one is doing better. This 10- days course will equip participants with knowledge on understanding of performance management and appropriate performance management systems.


10 Days

Who should attend?

o Individuals in top management of an organisation

o Investors and holders of shares of an organisation who are part of or want to be part of a firm’s delivery and function.

o Human resource directors and professionals

o Any individual who wishes to manage performance (self or others) and develop ownership and accountability for efficient public functions.

o Boost personal effectiveness and those of others by becoming more proactive and a decision architect and sustain the performance of the organization and your employees

o Explain how to successfully implement and lead change initiatives in your organization and department

Course objectives

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

o Have understanding of performance management and different performance management systems to increase performance in their place of work.

o Gain knowledge of how to identify the correct performance indicators, set the correct targets, effectively link individual performance to organisational goals and objectives, thus setting up the most efficient performance management system to suit the organisation.

o Understand strategies to engage employees and build their accountability towards their work, their organisation and the public.

o Gain capabilities to positively impact public quality of life through improved, highly efficient, high-quality services.

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