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QCon New York

Logo of QCon New York QCon New York

25th to 29th June 2018

New York, United States

Part of the QCon Conferences series

QCon New York is a direct invite annual software conference for team leads, architects, senior developers, and technical engineering managers driving innovation on their teams. QCon offers sessions and advice from the world’s most innovative shops. These talks will help you grow your career, build your network, and lead your company in 2018. QCon is an amazing balance of what you need to be a modern software developer, architect, or leader. Expect: Architecture/Developer focus with over 70 technical talks on topics like microservices, reactive, interservice communication, and event sourcing from architects/engineers at Netflix, Lyft, Google, 15 editorial tracks across 3 days around topics such as Serverless, Java, Chaos Engineering, Blockchains & Microservices, Speaker to Attendee ratio ~8 to 1 so you can network with software leaders

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