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Practical AI and ML Conference 2019

Logo of Practical AI and ML Conference 2019 Practical AI and ML Conference 2019

15th to 17th April 2019

San Francisco, United States

Part of the QCon Conferences series

QCon has been delivering a platform for senior developers, engineers, & leaders to discuss software engineering worldwide for over 10 years. Take a deep-dive into practices and use cases for applying AI & machine learning in our 2nd edition of conference.

Do you feel you have the talent to harness data in how you work but don’t know the right problems to solve with AI and Machine Learning in engineering?

At we are dedicated to helping senior software engineers and architects uncover real-world patterns, practices, and use cases for applying artificial intelligence/machine learning in engineering.

What do our 2018 attendees think about the conference?

"We know we'll meet and talk with experts, and short talks are extremely useful to introduce in-depth use-case studies. I was not disappointed and will definitely come back."

"High-quality talks from the innovators in the industry with no sales pitch. Helped me to get a much broader and deeper understanding on where AI is headed and some of the areas where it is actively applied."

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