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Research Meet - Day 1 on "Adapting Research Mindset 2.0"

22nd November 2020


Agenda: What is automation? Robotics in simulation science Research aspects in Robotics Simulation Future scope Resource Person: DR.P.SIVASANKARAN

Profile of Resource Person:

He is an advisory member in few Robotics and Automation Engineering committees. He is an Editorial Board member in 13 Journals. Has published more than 34 Journals, 5 conferences and 4 books. He holds five patents and has involved in 5 funding projects. Has organized more than 10 workshops in recent trends.

Registration link:

Date and Time: 22.11.2020, Sunday & 4.00 to 5.00 PM (IST) GoTo Meeting URL:

E-Certificate available & Limited to only 250 participants.

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