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Rustlab 2019

28th to 29th June 2019

Florence, Italy

Call for Papers Closed


You can submit proposals till March 24, 2019 on any topic related to the Rust programming language. Talks about using Rust in production will be preferred, but you can still submit proposals about research and innovative technologies where Rust shines.

The conference will be organized on two days in which there will be both talks and workshops.


Do you have a valuable experience in Rust, applied to some specific domain? Would you like to share your knowledge with other rustaceans (or wannabe)? Propose yourself to give a workshop, possible slots are:

If you have something to share about the Rust adoption, what helped you and what may help others, please share your experience! We will have 2 tracks, the talk format is:

45 minute talks including Q&A and room change, 30~35 minutes of talk


You are free to talk about anything related to Rust with a focus on practical real production use. We want to hear both the success and failure stories to understand where Rust has to improve to increase its adoption. Here an (incomplete) list of suggested topics:

Please provide us all the information we may need to pick your proposal, your experience, previous talks / workshops given, …

Original content is more than welcome.