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SA's Biggest Virtual Fundraiser

5th December 2020


Rudi Rebstein

Rudi Rebstein has been conducting seminars, workshops and big events for the last 30+ years in South Africa and internationally where he advised and counseled large corporations in the UK, Auckland, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Penang, Malaysia and many more.

He is an authority on human re-engineering, advanced communications and human influence, and has also coached business and other leaders both nationally and internationally. He is viewed and highly respected as the nation’s authority on the psychology of peak performance and organisational change. His areas of expertise are amongst others peak performance and human development, accelerated learning, human behaviour and linguistics.

His work has been influenced by some of the best Professional Training Coaches in the world.The biggest influences coming from Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and John Kehoe.

Specialties include: Peak Performance Management; Leadership Psychology; Negotiation; Organizational turnaround; Coach and Strategic interventions with individuals; and Business strategies.

He is the Founder of Rudi Rebstein Success Events, since 1996. Over the years he designed tailor made events to suit various outcomes and strategies, for example, how to grow your business with 20% + in the next year; and how to take charge of your health and wealth. In short, he runs a Peak Performance Coaching company that serves communities with various Political, Entertainment and Business objectives.

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