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27th January 2017

Linz, Austria

Part of the ScriptConf series

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    JavaScript is a buffet, not the enemy

    When you look at the JavaScript world these days you can get disheartened. On the one side there is an overwhelming offer of things you should know but are "considered harmful" by the time you have a chance to look at them. On the other side you have fire and brimstone talks about how relying on JavaScript makes you a terrible person. Let Chris set your mind at ease. Things aren't that grim or complicated.

  3. Evolution of a web application

    This is the story of how it started as a special snowflake web application, got rewritten into an almost-modular-but-not-quite monolith, and began its next steps towards becoming a real, honest-to-goodness conglomeration of microservices.

    From zero lines of front-end JavaScript to what looks like a React-based application, I will dive into how we have managed to keep up with our users, anticipated their needs, and tried (and sometimes failed!) to give them a good experience.

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    Introduction to Serverless

    Serverless is a new cloud computing paradigm that abstracts users away dealing with low-level server configuration. It allows for auto-scaling, pay-per-execution applications on an event-driven basis. AWS Lambda its is most prominent vendor, but other cloud providers are catching up.

    This talk starts with an introduction to serverless architectures and explores the benefits and challenges coming along with it. It provides you with an overview of the existing ecosystem and demonstrates how to get started using NodeJS examples. At last the presenter will share of collection of best practices and lessons learned from his experience developing serverless applications.

  6. in Hall

    JavaScript on the Desktop: Building Apps with Electron v1

    ⚡️ You might already use desktop software written in JavaScript: Popular apps like Atom, Slack, or Visual Studio Code use the framework Electron to combine the power of the Desktop with the convenince of coding for Node.js.

    You'll learn how to build native-feeling desktop apps for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. In fact, we'll build a little code editor together - fully integrated with operating systems and tweaked use native code where necessary. We'll talk about the basics, advanced scenarios, and leveraging the full power of npm and Node.

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    Performance profiling for V8

    Do you care about performance? Memory leaks, megamorphic cache misses, and deoptimizations can slow your app down. We’ll dive deep into the inner workings of V8, Chrome’s JavaScript engine, to better understand what these terms mean. V8 ships with its own profiling tools that can identify such problems. You’ll learn to identify and fix low-level JavaScript performance issues using several V8 developer tools.

  9. in Hall

    Coding Art (Art.js)

    The web platform is a wonderful playground of artistic and technical expression. The artists of the web often release amazing creations. As developers we can use a powerful language to bring our ideas to life.

    This talk will touch on creative coding, the demoscene, a range of optimisation techniques and the creative mindset. Then we will code a little Audio-Visual demo together.

    I hope this will inspire new JavaScript artists and bring a dash of creativity to your every day problem solving.