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SmashingConf Austin 2020

Logo of SmashingConf Austin 2020 SmashingConf Austin 2020

8th to 11th June 2020

Austin, United States

Part of the Smashing Conference series

The Smashing Cat is coming to Austin, Texas, y’all! Meet an inclusive, practical and friendly conference for front-end developers and designers who love their work. One track, two days, 14 speakers and 500 truly smashing attendees. But most importantly: a community that cares, shares and learns from each other.

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  1. Chris Coyier

  2. Luke Wroblewski

  3. Mandy Michael

  4. Miriam Suzanne

  5. Mystery Speaker

  6. Rémi Parmentier

  7. Avatar of Sara Soueidan

    Sara Soueidan

  8. Zach Leatherman

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