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14th September 2019

London, United Kingdom

Andy Davies

Performance… it’s for People It's easy to focus on the number of 3rd-party tags, how large a page is, or even its Lighthouse score, but fundamentally performance is about our visitors' experience – how quickly it loads, how smooth it is to use.

In this talk we'll examine what affects our perception of performance, how we can speedup visitor experiences and some of the common issues Andy comes across in his day-to-day work.

Andy is an Independent Web Performance Consultant and has helped some of the UK’s leading retailers, newspapers and financial services companies make their sites faster.

He is co-author of 'Using WebPageTest' published by O'Reilly and author of 'The Pocket Guide to Web Performance'.

Andy is also a co-organiser of the London Web Performance meetup.

Links @andydavies