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14th September 2019

London, United Kingdom

Sally Lait

Making standards work for everyone You’re at a conference! You’re listening to interesting talks, getting inspired by being around like-minded folks, and preparing to take everything back to work on Monday. You’re going to change the world! Except… it’s not always that easy, is it?

In this session we’ll look at standards in the context of practical tips to help take others along on that journey too. Using examples from Sally’s work at Monzo and beyond, we’ll discuss how to empower the people around you, and ultimately how and why we should be making a better web for everyone.

Sally Lait is a Senior Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank. She’s responsible for the web as a discipline, and engineering within the COps Collective (customer support). Day-to-day she also supports, coaches, and develops high performing engineers and managers, as well as looking after their general wellbeing 💙.

Before this Sally ran a digital transformation consultancy with clients including the Manor Racing Formula 1 team, RNLI, and Inghams, and she’s also been Head of Technology for a global digital agency.

Sally is passionate about web technologies, and is a strong advocate for building things with empathy, responsibility, and inclusivity in mind. She speaks at events around the world, documents Japanese train stamps and manholes in CSS form, and tweets as @sallylait. You can find out more about her at 👩🏻‍💻

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