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SwanseaCon 2018

10th September 2018

Swansea, United Kingdom

Part of the SwanseaCon series

Agile Development & Software Craftsmanship

SwanseaCon is an agile development and software craftmanship conference for Software Developers, Software Testers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Software Architects, Project Managers and Consultants in Wales. The forth year is scheduled to kick start on Monday 10th of September, 2018 in Swansea, South Wales.

SwanseaCon 2018 will be the forth agile development and software craftsmanship conference in Swansea, South Wales. Exploring the latest in agile development, software craftsmanship, teams and business.

SwanseaCon 2018 gives you and your colleagues the right platform to gather cutting-edge information on technology from the best speakers and trainers of the industry.

The conference includes keynotes and presentations, and time between sessions to network and connect with colleagues from around the world.

Delegates will get the opportunity to learn how to increase their productivity dramatically and save cost, learn how to enhance the quality of their software applications, as well as meet their peers in a productive and social environment.

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