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Coping with Change - Rediscover the Joy of Learning

Logo of Coping with Change - Rediscover the Joy of Learning Coping with Change - Rediscover the Joy of Learning

19th November 2020


Part of the TestCon | Virtual series

We read a comic but study a mathematics textbook.

Studying implies seriousness, and a lack of joy, a joy that is prevalent when we indulge in fun activities.

Over long periods, insistence on gravity takes away the joy of learning. The activity becomes jejune, and we stop using our creative juices. We lose what we don't use. It is thus no surprise that years of education robs a child of faculties such as curiosity and joy.

Long years of education metamorphoses a creative child to a dull and quotidian adult bereft of creative juices. Many experiments and studies have vouchsafed this truth. Perversely modern-day education professes the very thing that it destroys.

We are all born with the joy of learning- it is easier to nurture them and difficult to destroy.

Education has done the latter, but one needs to find out ways and means to restore the former.

If one looks at the ontology of curiosity or joy, we find that whenever we immerse ourselves in the activity, we become joyful and excited.

Result or objectives such as scoring high marks in an exam, developing proficiency in a particular subject, wanting to do better than your friends, creates an environment of seriousness that evokes the "mind" habit of studying.

Immersion in the process rather than the result brings out creativity, excitement and enthusiasm, thereby invoking the "soul" habit of learning.

Modern environment by emphasizing the "Mind" habit, entrenches the "Mind" / "Soul" barrier. The barrier is so strong that we do not apply ourselves powerfully to serious pursuits of life.

One may argue that pursuing the "Soul" method of learning can deteriorate one's performance in exams and compromise learning.

The converse is true. The "Soul" method of learning unleashes a strange power within ourselves. Our productivity multiplies manifold, and our quality of retention reaches superhuman levels.

A genuinely motivated student finds the prospects of scoring an exam undaunting and trivial.

Paradoxically, because his objective is not to achieve, he ends up scoring high.

The joy of learning is thus a quality which is innate in all of us.

We have to shift our perspective and bridge the "Soul"/"Mind" barrier.

Join us to get a glimpse into the infinite possibilities that can become a part of your life, when we shatter this barrier.

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