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Coping with Change - Rediscover the Joy of Teaching

5th November 2020


Part of the TestCon | Virtual series

A joyous teacher creates a joyful learning experience and spawns curiosity in students. An insipid teaching experience drains away, even the iota of motivation left in a student. An individual cannot experience joy and curiosity in the pursuit of teaching if they experience only monotony. One can wonder- how is it possible to retain interest and liveliness if you are doing the same activity repeatedly. Doesn't repetition lead to lacklustre performance?

And yet we see so many instances around us, where repetition leads to perfection and better performance, not prosaicness. An athlete relishes the daily practice; an inspired salesperson never tires from the act of selling the same product day in day out. A counsellor never tires of the task of empowering others; a programmer par excellence views his job as an expression of art every day.

What differentiates inspiration from the jejune? If one perceives every experience as a repetition of the previous one, then a script would suffice. If one follows the script to the tee, then one is not allowing the uniqueness of the moment to manifest. Hence the moment seems similar to the previous which shares a likeness with the moment earlier and so on. Experience then brings out the routine and the habitual in a person.

There is an alternative- What if we view every experience as unique and present ourselves to the situation with a clean slate. We allow the scenario to unfold as a unique experience within us. The subject may be the same; the topics similar and yet the entire teaching experience can be unique. It is when we allow the moment to guide us and unfold the next moment that we bring out the uniqueness in every moment. The moment then unleashes the curiosity and inquisitiveness hidden inside us. Under the influence of such divine emotions, one builds Profound and deep connections with the students.

It is possible to transcend the monotony of teaching and experience its exhilaration.

Come and experience the joy of teaching, learn to transcend the humdrum and dreary existence.

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