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Training on Protection and Gender Based Violence Mainstreaming in Project Management

25th January to 2nd February 2021


About the Course

In the recent years there has been heightened focus on gender inequalities and the linkage to sectoral outcomes. This has meant that implementers in all kinds of projects are also increasingly becoming aware of GBV and Protection as a critical issue affecting their target populations and thus their program implementation and results.

This training aims at building the capacity and commitment of participants to mainstream GBV and Protection throughout their intervention’s project lifecycle.

Target Audience This course is designed for policy makers, researchers, project management, program managers, development and humanitarian professionals dealing with issues of GBV, protection, gender and development

Course Duration

Online 7 Days

5 Days

What you will learn: By the end of the training the participant will be able:

  • To design programmes aligned with GBV and Protection mainstreaming principles.
  • To identify and address GBV and Protection risks that can be caused, perpetuated, or addressed by their sector of intervention.
  • To understand the concepts of GBV in Protection Monitoring and Evaluation
  • To plan and implement GBV and Protection mainstreaming activities.
  • To monitor whether GBV and Protection mainstreaming is taking place.
  • To evaluate the impact of their GBV and Protection mainstreaming actions on affected populations
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