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Understanding the Stock Market - Webinar

18th November 2020


A 60-minute LIVE webinar, with audience Q&A, to introduce you to one of the best avenues to grow your wealth over the long term.


  1. The basics of the stock market:

--What makes the stock market fluctuate in value? Why and how is the stock market correlated to the broad economy? --Principles of a disciplined, profitable approach to investing in the stock market --Rupee cost averaging --What are dividends?

  1. Safeguards and precautions while investing
  2. Behavioral biases to guard against while making investment decisions


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    Sharad Kapoor


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    Sharad Kapoor (@sharad-kapoor)

    lives in Bangalore, India

    Sharad has been addressing student audiences on topics related to personal finance and investing since 2015, and has been doing so for corporate audiences since 2019. He has previously worked as a Taxation Analyst at Ernst & Young (EY) and as a visiting lecturer at Christ University, Bangalore.

    Sharad now works full-time at Kapoor Venture Partners, aspiring to change the way Indians think and deal with money by revolutionizing financial literacy nationwide.

    Sharad is a graduate of Christ University and currently a Level 3 candidate in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program of study.