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UX Copenhagen

27th to 28th February 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark

Part of the UX Copenhagen series

UX Copenhagen is a premium, two day conference for top-notch professionals working with and around User Experience Design. You will hear about some of the newest trends in the field, presented by a diverse panel of speakers ranging from super gurus to juniors, from companies that range from being front-runners in User Experience to those who are just starting to create UX teams. We always feature start ups, and strive to bring in speakers and participants who are taking User Experience to a new level.

For 2018, our presenters will be exploring the topic “Ethics & the Role of the User Experience Designer”. Their talks will focus on how to design with ethics, usability, accessibility and diversity in mind, both in regards to systems, websites, apps, and physical products, and also in regards to the teams we work in.

Our speakers and participants are a fantastic mixture of international and local UX experts, marketing professionals, digital managers, designers, innovators, strategists, researchers, and others interested in the field.

We promise you two days filled with superb content, inspiration, networking, new knowledge, and new insights.

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    Andre Jay Meissner

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    Dave Thomas

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    Jonny Rae-Evans

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    Julia Moisand Égéa

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    Laura Kalbag

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    Mark Bowers

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    Mike Monteiro

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    Molly Watt

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    Stine Mosegaard Vilhelmsen

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    Teo Choong Ching

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    Tim Daniel Hansen


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  2. Panel discussions with Tech for Good Live - UX Copenhagen

    This year, we are pleased to be working together with the Manchester meet up group Tech For Good Live. This lovely bunch will be setting up panel discussions and interviews, and recording the sessions as podcasts with current and past speakers. …

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