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VBA & Innovative Contracting in Pharma MasterClass

24th to 26th February 2021


As healthcare shifts from “volume to value” we are seeing a global trend of shifting medicines and technology pricing towards a value based paradigm. This comprehensive symposium will cover off “value based agreements” and innovative financial contracts between pharmaceutical manufactures and payers. We will go through VBA nomenclature through to design and architecture of value based agreements across different drug types, therapy areas and payer archetypes. There will be case presentations of successful VBA from across the globe, focusing on US & EU markets, with market analysis and deconstruction of these agreements. There will be a focus on “why do a VBA” and key drivers from manufacturers and payers to ensure success for all parties for access and reimbursement with innovative contracting mechanisms. Finally, we will explore how pharmaceutical manufacturers are undertaking organizational change as they move up the VBA adoption curve and improve resource and x-functional team working. To support successful deployment and scalability of VBA’s across in market and pipeline portfolio products.

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