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Virtual AI Expo || ODSC APAC 2020 Virtual Conference

8th to 9th December 2020


AI plays an essential role in businesses and potential will be utilized across a wide variety of industries in the future. Join us at the Virtual AI Expo @ODSC APAC 2020, on December 8-9th 2020 to learn about the latest industry trends, stay on top of innovations, and create new opportunities for your business. This is a unique opportunity to access and interact with industry leaders from wherever you are in the world!

With Virtual AI Expo Pass you’ll get direct access to:

Main ODSC Conference Keynotes, hear world-renowned speakers discuss the latest advances in AI 9+ Live Sessions, featuring expert-led demos and tutorials on how to accelerate the adoption of AI in your organization. Sessions from previous Virtual AI Expos include:

First Aid Kit for Data Science: Keeping Machine Learning Alive Build and Deploy Custom AI Predictive Models Leverage Data Lineage to Maximize the Benefits of Big Data Annotating Data with AI-assisted Labelling Is Infrastructure Holding Back Adoption of AI at Scale? Sports Analytics – Leveraging Open Source Technology to Improve Athlete Performance Creating Efficiency and Trust with MLOps 9 Featured Partners, including DataRobot, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, SAS, MathWorks, LexisNexis, KNIME. Meet and connect with our partners, watch product demos, download product materials, and conduct live chats Virtual Networking space with 1,500 like-minded peers, develop and nurture professional relationships Whether you are a CTO, CEO, data engineer, business analyst, software architect, data analyst, or product manager, the groundbreaking Virtual AI Expo @ODSC APAC 2020 should note be missed.

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