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You Got This

19th January 2019

London, United Kingdom

Call for Papers Closed


The goals of this conference is to talk about the skills that junior developers/designers/creatives need but are never really spoken about. We’d love a mix of inspiring stories and actionable skills for our juniors, and tips on how to better support team members for those who manage juniors.

Topic Areas

Learning: this topic area is about growing and documenting your technical skills. We’re not looking for technical talks. Topics might include strategies for learning, documenting your growth and how to create space for learning in your role. Living: this topic area is about self care and mental health. Topics might include how to say no, maintaining a life-work balance and combatting imposter syndrome. Levelling Up: this stream is about transitioning out of junior positions.Topics might include approaching reviews with confidence, asking for a raise and meaningful feedback in a work environment.

Presentation Format

Talks will last 30 minutes and be accompanied by slides.

Speaker Mentorship Programme

Don’t be afraid if you haven’t spoken before, we’ll have speaker training to make sure you feel confident and well-rehearsed before the event. If accepted, we’ll reach out to you and ask if mentoring is something you’d like to have.

CFP Review Process & Timeline

CFPs will be open until the end of September 9 2018 GMT.

Submissions will be anonymised and the proposals will be given to a panel who are independent of the organisers. They will review the submissions by September 16 2018 and we’ll aim to get back to you soon after this to confirm your interest and attendance.

Speakers will receive payment of £300 to cover their travel and accommodation. We hope this will encourage those who might be concerned about the cost of participation to submit a proposal regardless.