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YOW! Melbourne 2018

4th to 7th December 2018

Melbourne, Australia

Part of the YOW! Conferences series

YOW! 2018 Conference & Workshops is back in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in November/December! Over 2,000 people attended YOW! across three cities last year and were excited to learn from the best international software authors, thought leaders and world experts.

YOW! Conference typically attracts Developers that are serious about staying informed of the latest trends and using that knowledge to create innovative solutions. Take advantage of this melting pot of talent to discuss your own projects.

The conference setting provides the opportunity to network, meet and talk with world-renowned speakers about your specific development challenges. If you miss a session all talks are recorded and available for use after the conference.

The information-packed and fast-paced conference setting allows you to deep dive into new technologies, practices and methods from a wide range of current topics. Our focus is on providing good content, not appeasing suppliers.

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