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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which account do I need to create an event?
You can create events with any of our accounts. While our free account offers creation of basic events, upgrading to a paid organizer plan offers additional benefits which can be found in our account descriptions.
Why should I upgrade to a paid account?
Our paid accounts offer additional features to the free, basic accounts. These features allow you to style your event pages with custom colors, display sponsor logos and add event staff for your pages. Furthermore you can schedule publishing of event speakers and edit your event schedule via drag and drop, with many more features to come. Other than that, you’re supporting our platform and our paid subscribers will be the first to get many more features. For the full list of all plans and features, please visit our pricing page.
Can I downgrade my account to the free version?
You can choose to downgrade your account at any time and your account will be switched to the new subscription at the end of your current billing cycle.
How can I delete my account?
We’re sorry to hear you’d like to you leave Colloq. Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding your account cancellation as well as your account details and we’ll be there to help.
What does “Claim this event” mean?
If you are the organizer of an event, you can “claim” your event to become the owner of the event on Colloq. Once your claim has been approved, you will receive an email and can then start using or editing your event pages.
I can’t find the event I’m looking for — “Suggest an event”
If you know of an event that isn’t listed on Colloq yet, but you’d like to track, attend or see who else is going, you can “Suggest the event”. We will verify the information and in case you are not the organizer yourself, will get in touch with the organizer to let them know. Once your suggested event has been created, we‘ll send you an email to let you know.
How do I know my data is safe?
We want to be responsible in respect to user data and privacy issues and have put the following principles in place:
- We don’t collect user data unless we really need it to support a feature;
- We send “do not track” headers and honour them accordingly;
- We don’t collect data or make use of any analytics platform, except for the default server logs.
- In case you are interested in further details, feel free to have a look at our privacy policy.
Is my password secure?
Our service stores only password hashes in an encrypted, secure way on our internal servers according to the latest stable security standards. That way we or anyone else can’t get access to your password directly.
This said, the security of your password depends on the password you’ve chosen. If it’s a common word or the same password you use for another service, the password is relatively easy to crack for attackers and your account at Colloq might be compromised if someone gained access to your password on another service where you use the same. Therefore it’s advised to use a unique, strong password for each Internet service you use. You can find a guide how to choose a good password here.
What to do if I see a “This password is blocked” message?
To ensure we can protect our users’ accounts to a maximum, we run a local “compromised password service” on our servers based on data provided by HaveIBeenPowned service.
Every time you log in, we dynamically check if your password hash (your “encrypted” password) exists in the database of a public security breach. If we find a match, we assume it’s unsafe for you to continue using this password and require you to change it on our service to ensure your Colloq account doesn’t get hacked as well. We recommend you to change the password to a new, unique and strong one.
If you use the same password somewhere else, it’s possible that the other account is compromised. You should change the password to a secure, unique one for that account as well. Note that at no point during this check we can read your original password nor do we send this data to an external service.
Why does my account or event require manual approval?
To ensure that no spam or other off-topic content is shown to our users, we may require a manual review by our team for new accounts or events. Our team will review your content as soon as possible and notify when it’s approved or published.
Errors can happen and in that case, please contact us and we’ll try to solve the issue together.
I found a bug! I can’t use feature “x”!
Bugs can occur and we’re glad for your report so we can fix them. Please send us a description of your bug with the following information:
- Your browser, platform and OS version;
- The task you have been trying to perform;
- A description of the expected outcome;
- A description of the actual outcome.
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I have noticed something on the site that doesn’t comply with your Terms of Service
If you find something on our site, that does not comply with our Terms of Service, please let us know as soon as possible via this form.
Couldn’t find an answer?
If you have any question that you couldn’t find the answer to, please drop us a line with your matter and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.