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  1. Newsletter 03/2020 — Say “Hello” to the new Dashboard

    We finished the long awaited new event dashboard. And: If you have to cancel your event, here’s how.

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  2. New year, new dashboard, your feedback and new links

    Newsletter 02/2020 - New year, our new dashboard coming soon, feedback and links

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  3. Thank you, a recap of the year and what's next in 2020

    Read a recap on 2019 and what's next for Colloq in the new year.

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  4. Create Event Collections and Helpful Event Resources

    We’re back with some news and tips from the event scene.

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  5. Welcome 2019; Our first year in public & Where we're heading

    In this edition: Our first year, What's next, Community support & Feedback

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  6. Colloq Newsletter August — CfP Messages, new Coverage support & links worth reading

    Message your potential speakers, export CfP data and some links worth reading

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  7. Colloq Newsletter July — New Features and some Tips for Organisers

    You can now filter event media coverage, export or delete your data and we also have a few articles for you to read.

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  8. Colloq Newsletter 3: Feature updates and tips for organisers

    Read about the latest changes on Colloq and help spread the word.

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  9. Colloq’s Monthly Update: Upcoming Events, New Coverage, And Organising An Event Tips

    Read about upcoming events on Colloq, watch the best of recent coverage.

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  10. Colloq is now live

    The wait is finally over.

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