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Newsletter: Welcome 2019; Our first year in public & Where we're heading


We hope you had a good start into the new year and wish you all the best for 2019!

Colloq has now surpassed its first year of life in public and we’re pretty happy with what we have achieved and what we’ve learned on our journey.

The first year of Colloq

2018 was the year Colloq went live and became open to the public. We received great feedback, had many conversations with conference attendees, speakers and organizers. Still, we sometimes struggled to keep up the pace, focus on specific topics and manage working on Colloq while getting client work done. Turns out that one of the hardest things when creating a product is prioritizing. Over the year we’ve gotten much better at it, but there’s also always be a new challenge to conquer.

We, the team

As a team we grew a lot and had to learn many lessons. Since we wrote Remote Managing A Side-Project Across The Globe, a lot has changed. As freelancers we still need to work on client projects and 2018 has shown us all the challenges this can cause for side-projects like Colloq. Time is limited and along the journey, it sometimes can be difficult to keep motivation at an all-time high. There have been numerous occasions when we had to re-align our plans and views all over again. Nevertheless, these sometimes not-so-fun moments have helped us understand what worked well and what didn’t and overall allowed us to grow as a team.

Where we’re heading

Colloq has grown nicely over time and our listings for events after 2017 should now, with 1.638 conferences, be one of the most comprehensive on the web. Many of these conferences also include media coverage, with 1.802 media items in total. In the last quarter of 2018 we started listing open Call for Papers on our events and as of today, there are 45 conferences on Colloq who are looking forward to receive your proposals. User growth has been a little slow around the end of the year, but should pick up again now and we hope to break through the one thousand users barrier soon.

Currently, we are working on improving the overall experience, extend existing features and will soon provide a better way for organizers to manage their event information. We also want our users to be able to better engage and connect with their industry peers to make the most out of their conference experience. For that we have some neat ideas in our pipeline, which should start to appear in the not-so-far future.

Security and privacy have always been two of our main priorities while building Colloq and we will continue to follow our ethos of designing with an ethical approach. These things sit right at the heart of Colloq and are the foundation of what we stand for. And these are the features that won’t change.

The rocky road towards the future

Nobody ever said it was easy, but we’re as excited and committed as we ever were. Receiving positive feedback and seeing people happily using our platform is the best confirmation. Have a look at some of the conferences that have taken the lead in being present on Colloq:

(If you are an organizer you can claim your listed conference right from your event page.)

Community support and spreading the word

Needless to say, we rely on you and our community. We want to build a product that people like and that supports the community. To do so, we’ll need to build a profitable product, because bills need to be paid. We’re keeping our costs low, we’re not burning through budget and we’re happy to fund it as we do, but that’s not a solution to last forever. We want to build a sustainable business, and are not in for the VC money. And that’s another feature that won’t change.

So if you like Colloq already, that’s awesome and we’re glad to hear! You can help us spread the word and tell the world, tweet about us and recommend us to your friends, colleagues, co-workers or organizer friends. We’d really appreciate it.

We’re all open ears to hear from you!

If you have any feedback, ideas, feature requests or comments, please let us know. Tell us what you’d love to see. You can easily reply to this email or send a message via our contact form. User feedback matters a lot and is essential to creating a lovely product that you want to use.

Thanks a lot for reading (this far!) and all of your support.

Have a nice day, —Anselm, Tobias and Holger

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