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Newsletter: Colloq’s Monthly Update: Upcoming Events, New Coverage, And Organising An Event Tips

Welcome to our very first update in which we want to give you recommendations for upcoming events on Colloq, show you the best of recent coverage, and also give you some interesting reads about the whole conference experience.

We want to make this a newsletter worth reading for attendees of events as well as organisers or those who would like to become. Let us know if you have any ideas or recommendations or links worth sharing.

What’s new on Colloq

Since our launch a couple of weeks ago we’ve been busy building new features, improved the overall user experience and fixed dozens of bugs on the platform. Here are the blog articles we’ve published over the last weeks:

Upcoming Events

First, we want to notify you about some upcoming events that might be interesting for you. It’s just a selection and you can find a lot more online.

Recommended Coverage

Finally, we have a last video from the Booster conference where Pawel Brodzinski talked about “Extreme Self-Organization: A Workplace with No Managers.

Recommended Articles

We want to give you insights in how events are made, how to improve them, what is important to know when you create or attend an event and here we’re going to share some related articles.

For attendees, being at an event can be quite a different experience. Some attend as a whole group and some others are joining as a single person. Eric Holscher wrote about what he calls the “Pac-Man rule” which is: “When standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group” to which we don’t want to add anything but recommend it to apply yourself at the next event. As a follow-up, he created another article to breaking Cliques at events.

Juho Vepsäläinen from React Finland shares Conference Dos and Don’ts. It’s a roundup for event organization, time management etc. and has a lot of tips on what to do and what things to avoid to make events a great experience for everyone.

It’s not always easy for event organizers to make the best decisions. Often discussed is the topic of paying speakers. The people behind the European Testing Conference have shared their approach of how they pay speakers in what they think is a fair share.

So long, read you next month. Anselm, Tobias and Holger

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