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Karina is a well-known woman in tech, an experienced developer and an international speaker with the Trust of The Audience Award in 2016. She has worked as Developer Lead and as Sales Engineer last 12 years.

She has confident communication and leadership skills, developed through international professional interaction and engagements with: - representatives of various government institutions, mainly while working with the Ministry of State Property Management (Russia), Ministry of Economics (Russia), within the structures of the Authorized Representative of the President of the Russian Federation (Russia) - IT companies using agile environment across the world, companies using agile environment, such as CredoAMGroup Development Company (Singapore, Amsterdam) and whatever mobile GmbH (Germany).

Her social responsibility and communicative competence are demonstrated in the organization of professional networks, events, and conferences. Organization and management skills fostered through Positions of the Head of planning and accounting of public investment branch of the Ministry of Economics (2013, 8 subordinates); Head Engineer-Programmer at the Administration of Special Communication and Information of the Federal Protection Services (2011-2013, 12 internal and 50 external subordinates); Head of IT Department of the development Company “CredoAMGroup” (2009-2011, 5 subordinates).

At the same time she gained public speaking skills gained through frequent academic presentations, workshops (about 35 workshops in 2016, e.g., GEO-C Workshop, Workshops in the Delegation of the European Union 2013-2016, DevIt 2016, WTC 2016 San Jose etc.) and participation as a speaker at IoT and DevOps conferences (about 26 conferences in 2016 e.g., Geomundus, Modern problems of modeling in economics and innovation technologies, IoTSlam 2016, DevTalks 2016, Codemotion Milan, Codemotion Warsaw, WTC 2016 San Jose, Voxxed Days Belgrade, Devoxx Morocco, TOP-5 DevRel Speakers 2016 etc.).

Location: Hamburg, Germany



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  1. 16th May 2018


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